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We’re Moving!

As of February 28th, 2017, find us at our new location at 14976 114Ave, Edmonton Alberta

Recycling Your Electronics Responsibly

Alberta (and Edmonton) is one of the worlds best economies and one of the first to develop an electronics recycling program.  This comes with a growing demand for technologies to keep up with the growing economy. This also means that there is a growing need for disposal of old electronics. Hi Tech Recyclers wants to do its part.  Our mission is to create an accessible consumer friendly alternative to throwing away Alberta’s used electronics.  Hi Tech Recyclers offers an array of services to make Electronics Recycling simple. We will evaluate your needs and outline the most economical solution for you. Hi Tech Recyclers accepts all electronic recycling. Information on specific electronics accepted can be found on our What We Recycle page.  Once the electronic recycling is recieved it is separated into various products to be processed and reused downstream.  This includes plastic, metal, toner cartridges and various other materials associated with electronics.  We also make sure to specfically destroy any form of data that may enter our facility so your information is kept safe.  More information on this can be found on our Data Destruction page. For more information and to find out how to recycle your electonics visit the information links above.

Did you know...

Every year only about half of Alberta’s electronics are recycled properly.  This means that many have ended up in landfills and even more are sitting in homes and office buildings waiting to be recycled.
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