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Server Features
CPU Total 8 Cores
CPU Model Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz
CPU Frequency 2261.046
CPU L2 Cache 8192 KB
System BogoMIPS 4521.92
Server time Current 2019-1-28 11:10:39 | Bangkok: 2019-1-28 11:10:39
Uptime 1041 Days 6 Hours 30 Minutes
IP address $serverip ( $serverip )
Server operating system Linux  Kernel version: 2.6.18-371.6.1.el5.028stab112.3
Host Name sv.japan9x.com
Server engine nginx/0.9.4
Web Service port 80
Server Language
Home path /usr/html
HDD space 81.92 GB
Free HDD space 67.6 GB
Used disk = 14.32 GB of 81.92 GB | 17.48 %
Memory Usage RAM: Total 4098 MB, Used 267.24 MB, Idle 3830.76 MB, Usage 6.52 %
Caching Cache Of memory 0 MB, The real rate of memory usage 6.52 %
SWAP Usage SWAP Area: total 0 MB, Has been used 0 MB, Idle 0 MB, Usage 0 %
System load average 4.00
lo:Received: 0.72 GBSent: 0.72 GB
venet0:Received: 12.97 GBSent: 186.88 GB
Bandwidth Usage 199.85 GB


PHP Basic features
PHP Version 5.2.16
Zend Version 2.2.0
Mysql Version 5.1.54
GD Library Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
Support xCache YES Version:1.3.1
Compile and run support Zend Optimizer NO
Compile and run support ioncube YES Version:3.3.20
Compile and run support ZEND NO
allow_url_fopen YES
COOKIE support NO
display_errors NO
memory_limit 32M
post_max_size 50M
upload_max_filesize 50M
max_execution_time 30 Seconds
magic_quotes_gpc NO
disable_functions NO
The default support functions 606-687-4925

(318) 380-0334

PHP Component Support
Operational Calendar YES Precision Math BCMath NO
Graphics GD Library YES DBA Database NO
IMAP e-mail system YES PREL Compatible syntax PCRE YES
LDAP directory protocol YES MCrypt encrypted YES
MHash NO MySQL Database YES
WDDX Support YES SNMP Network Management Protocol YES
Compressed file support(Zlib) YES XML Analysis YES
FTP YES ODBC Database connection YES
Session Support YES Socket Support YES
Floating-point data 14 socket timeout(default_socket_timeout) 60 Seconds
"<?...?>"Short tags(short_open_tag) YES mbstring YES
report_memleaks YES register_argc_argv NO
Library Calendar operations YES Iconv Transcoding YES
SMTP Support YES SMTP Address localhost
Detection of the compiled modules
date  libxml  openssl  pcre  zlib  bz2  calendar  ctype  hash  filter  ftp  gettext  
gmp  session  iconv  pcntl  readline  Reflection  standard  shmop  SimpleXML  SPL  sockets  exif  
tokenizer  xml  cgi-fcgi  curl  dbase  dom  eAccelerator  gd  imap  json  ldap  mbstring  
mcrypt  memcache  mysql  mysqli  odbc  PDO  pdo_mysql  PDO_ODBC  pdo_sqlite  snmp  wddx  xmlreader  
xmlrpc  xmlwriter  xsl  zip  ionCube Loader